Interregional Academy of Personnel Management

Dnipro Institute
Dnipro, Nadii Aleksieienko St, 21

General information for entrants

  1. Basics
  2. Directions (specializations)
  3. Training Terms
  4. Sample Diploma of Higher Education
  5. Documents for entry


Basic Education: Complete general secondary, junior, bachelor.

Forms of study: Full-time, part-time, distance.

The Academy trains highly qualified specialists in the following areas of expertise:

05 Social and Behavioral Sciences

  • 051 Economics
  • 053 Psychology

07 Management and Administration

  • 071 Accounting & Taxation
  • 072 Finance, Banking & Insurance
  • 073 Management

08 Right

  • 081 Law

24 Scope

  • 242 Tourism

Cost of education


Basic Education
Educational Qualification Levels
Master of Science

Total Common Average

4 years (full time)
4 years 6 months (correspondence)

Junior Specialist (other direction)

3 years 6 months (correspondence)

Junior Specialist (relevant field of expertise)

2 years 6 months (correspondence)

Bachelor (relevant field of knowledge)

1 year 6 months (full time)
2 years (correspondence)

Higher Education Diploma Samples

Bachelor's degree
on higher education


Diploma Supplement
Higher Education (Bachelor)


Master's degree
on higher education


Diploma Supplement
on higher education (Master)


Entry Documents

  1. Application addressed to the Rector, indicating the chosen specialty and form of study;
  2. Passport and two copies of the pages of the passport with the last name, first name, patronymic of the person who issued it,
  3. Certificate of the Ukrainian Educational Quality Assessment Center received by participants this year;
  4. Original education document with application and two copies (one notarized);
  5. Identification number (original and copy) (for all forms of study);
  6. Six Photo Cards (3x4);
  7. Copy of the last name change document (notarized);
  8. Military Ticket or Certificate of Attorney (for all forms of study).