Interregional Academy of Personnel Management

Dnipro Institute
Dnipro, Nadii Aleksieienko St, 21

Disciplines of free choice

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For bachelors:

 Accounting and Auditing

 Advertising in tourism

 Basics of hotel business management

 Basics of marketing

 Business communication training

 Business Economics

 Business ethics

 Business Foreign Language

 Business law

 Business planning and creation of startups

 Business process management

 Business training

 Communicative management


 Distribution of productive forces

 Distribution of productive forces

 Ecological tourism

 Economic analysis



 Finance, money and credit


 Fundamentals of crisis management

 Fundamentals of enterprise security

 Fundamentals of investment management

 Fundamentals of management

 Fundamentals of medical tourism

 Fundamentals of research in management

 Fundamentals of research in the field of personnel management

 Fundamentals of research in the field of tourism

 Fundamentals of risk management in tourism

 Fundamentals of the transport system of Ukraine

 Globalization of tourism


 Information management

 Innovation management


 Introduction to the specialty "Economics"

 Labor economics and social and labor relations

 Labor market

 Labor potential management

 Labor rationing

 Leadership and conflict management

 Legal principles of management

 Management of production groups

 Managing the competitiveness of the organization

 Methods and technologies of management decision making

 Monitoring in the tourism industry

 Motivation of staff

 Motivation of the personnel of the subjects of the tourist industry

 Occupational Health in

 Operational management

 Organization of resort and medical tourism

 Organization of sanatorium services

 Organization of work

 Organization of work in tourism

 Organizational behavior

 Personnel management in multinational companies


 Recreational complexes of the world

 Remuneration management

 Risk management

 Rural green tourism

 Security management

 Service and design in the hotel and tourist complex

 Situational management

 Socio-political studies

 Staff audit

 State and regional management of tourism and hotel business

 State regulation of employment

 Technique of administrative activity

 Technology of service in tourist complexes and hotels