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Work program of the discipline - is an internal normative document of the university and is developed by the department for each discipline on the basis of the educational-professional program of the state standard of training.

The content of the work program is a document that defines:

  • the amount of knowledge that a student must master during the course;
  • algorithm for studying educational material;
  • necessary methodological support;
  • components and technology of student knowledge assessment.

On the basis of the working program of the discipline, manuals for independent study of the discipline, other methodological materials are developed, which ensure the successful mastering of the program material by higher education students.

Compulsory disciplines for bachelors

 Academic studies

 Accounting and Auditing

 Audit and evaluation of management activities

 Basics of marketing

 Business Economics

 Business training on organizational work of tourist enterprises

 Distribution of productive forces

 Economic informatics

 Economics of a tourist enterprise

 Enterprise finances

 Finance, money and credit

 Foreign economic activity

 Fundamentals of corporate governance

 Fundamentals of entrepreneurial activity

 Fundamentals of international tourism

 Fundamentals of management

 Fundamentals of project management

 Fundamentals of quality management of tourist services

 Fundamentals of research in the field of personnel management

 Fundamentals of tourism

 Geography of tourism

 Higher mathematics

 History of management

 History of tourism


 Information systems and technologies

 Information systems and technologies

 Insurance in tourism

 International Economics

 Introduction to the specialty "Economics"

 Introduction to the specialty "Management"

 Introduction to the specialty "Tourism"

 Labor economics and social and labor relations

 Labor market

 Labor potential management

 Labor rationing



 Management in tourism

 Management of Organizations

 Marketing in tourism


 Motivation of staff

 Motivational management

 Organization of animation activities

 Organization of enterprise design

 Organization of excursion activities

 Organization of hotel management

 Organization of restaurant business

 Organization of tourist trips

 Organization of work

 Organization theory

 Personnel management in multinational companies


 Remuneration management

 Staff audit

 Standardization and certification of tourist services

 State and regional administration

 State regulation of employment


 Strategic enterprise management

 The political economy

 Tour processing

 Tourism security

 Tourist local lore

 Tourist local lore

 Transport support in tourism

 Travel services market