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Working training programs

Work program of the discipline - is an internal normative document of the university and is developed by the department for each discipline on the basis of the educational-professional program of the state standard of training.

The content of the work program is a document that defines:

  • the amount of knowledge that a student must master during the course;
  • algorithm for studying educational material;
  • necessary methodological support;
  • components and technology of student knowledge assessment.

On the basis of the working program of the discipline, manuals for independent study of the discipline, other methodological materials are developed, which ensure the successful mastering of the program material by higher education students.

Compulsory working training programs for bachelors

Compulsory working training programs for bachelors

 Current issues of pedagogy and psychology of higher education

 Current issues of theoretical and practical psychology in the coordinates of modern paradigms

 Actual problems of higher nervous activity and psychophysiology

 Current problems of psychocorrection

 Current problems of psychotherapy

 Anatomy and evolution of the human nervous system

 Introduction to the specialty Psychology - Medical Psychology

 Introduction to the specialty Psychology

 Visual psychodiagnostics

 Age psychology

 Differential psychology

 Experimental psychology

 General Psychology

 History of psychology

 Clinical psychology

 Clinical psychoanalysis

 Medical and social bases of health

 Methods of teaching psychology

 Methods of psychological examination in various fields

 Methods of psychological training in the system of public administration


 Fundamentals of biology, human genetics and anthropology

 Fundamentals of medical knowledge

 Fundamentals of psychodiagnostics and psychological counseling

 Fundamentals of psychological practice (practical psychology)

 Fundamentals of psychotherapy

 Fundamentals of rehabilitation

 Pathopsychology with the basics of defectology

 Pedagogical psychology

 Workshop on general psychology

 Propaedeutics of mental illness

 Professional identity of young scientists


 Psychological correction

 Psychological counseling

 Psychological special workshop on special courses

 Psychology of abnormal development

 Psychology of influence

 Psychology of addictive behavior

 Psychology of mass behavior

 Psychology of motivation

 Personality psychology

 Psychology of post-traumatic stress disorders

 Psychology of labor

 Psychology of sexuality

 Psychology of joint activity

 Family psychology

 Management psychology



 Social gerontology

 social Psychology

 Strategies for overcoming the professional burnout of social workers

 Forensic psychology

 Forensic psychological examination

 Modern concepts and theories of personality development

 Modern methods of psychological correction in the health care system

 Modern psychological technologies

 Modern theories of conflictology

 Theory and practice of psychotraining

 Physiology of the CNS and higher nervous activity

 Physiology and psychology of labor