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Warsaw University of Management in Warsaw

Collegium Humanum (Szkoła Główna Menedżerska) 

Warsaw University of Management was founded in 1995 and today is one of the most reputable freelancers in Poland, which prepares bachelors and masters of social sciences, management and law. ( Training takes place by correspondence. Upon graduation, each student receives a diploma that meets EU standards.

The Warsaw University of Management is the first private freelance school in Poland to start admitting students without entrance exams. From 2015, you only need to pass an interview to enter the Collegium Humanum. The interview is conducted solely to determine the aspirations of future students.

Collegium Humanum graduates can be found in many public institutions and private companies in Poland, the Czech Republic, Germany and other EU countries. Many of them hold senior management and executive positions, or have established their own business. Graduates highly value the quality of knowledge and practice at the Collegium Humanum, emphasizing the professionalism of teachers, the relevance of curricula and the acquisition of skills that they actively use in their professional activities. Due to the thorough preparation and compliance of the diploma with the EU requirements, the vast majority of graduates of the Warsaw University of Management easily find a job abroad.

The field of activity of graduates can be quite wide: from banking and financial organizations to large and medium-sized firms and enterprises in the European market.

Training takes place in the following programs:

  • 051 Economics
  • 053 Psychology
  • 073 Management
  • 081 Law
  • 242 Tourist

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