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Institute of Design, Architecture and Journalism

About the Institute

The Institute of Design, Architecture and Journalism was founded in 1997 as a non-governmental institution of higher education and research. We strive to educate a new generation of professionals. that can embody unique and vibrant projects.

The Institute has its offices located in different regions of Ukraine


Culture & Arts (Specialty: Design)

ir01 The design specialty is versatile. It is used in many fields of art and production, is constantly in demand in the labor market, provides the specialist with prestige and a decent level of material well-being.

The list of competitive subjects for entry to the Bachelor level:

  • Ukrainian Language & Literature : 100 (profile);
  • History of Ukraine : 100 (non-core);
    • or Foreign language: 100 (non-core);
    • or Geography: 100 (non-core);
  • Creative contest: 125 (profile).


Educational Qualification "Bachelor's degree ":

  • based on complete general secondary education: 3 - 4 years ;
  • Based on a junior degree: 1-3 years.

Educational Qualifications " Master " :

  • Based on a Bachelor's Degree, Specialist: 1.5 - 2 years .

Educational Science Level Graduate / Doctoral:

  • Master's Diploma: 2 years .


ir02 Practice starting with the first year is a priority in the training of advertising professionals.

Students of the Faculty of Advertising Arts are trained in leading advertising agencies, advertising departments of well-known companies, publishing houses. Our regular partners: All-Ukrainian Advertising Coalition, Union of Advertisers of Ukraine, Exhibition Federation of Ukraine, Euroindex, Metrograd, DIALLA, Gaidai studio, PA BigBoard, Comp & amp; Media Transition and many more.

During the academic year, students attend professional promotional events: exhibitions, including the REX Advertising Exhibition, the Kiev International Advertising Festival, student festivals in Kiev and Moscow, take part in the annual International Conference organized by our Institute. This allows you to monitor the state of the advertising market, learn about modern advertising technologies, get acquainted with new trends in the field of communications.

During the internship, students may be offered work in advertising agencies, publishers, advertising companies. Students in III-IV courses have the opportunity to find a job in a specialty.

Professional Career

Design professionals can work:

  • In advertising agencies, publishers, graphic design jobs;
  • in architectural and construction firms in positions related to interior design, landscape design, media (radio, TV);
  • in computer game developers and web design; in specialized educational institutions (masters).

Introduction Documents

  1. Application addressed to the Director;
  2. Four colored photo cards (3x4 cm);
  3. Education Document with the application (original and copy);
  4. EO certificates ;
  5. Passport or Birth Certificate (original and copy);
  6. Military Ticket or Certificate of Registration (for military service members);
  7. Academic Help (if applicable);
  8. Identification code (original and copy).