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Dnipro Institute
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Law Clinic

The Legal Clinic is not a separate structural unit of the Institute and operates in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine, the Charter of the Dniprovsky Institute of IAPM, the Rules of Internal Order of the Institute, the agreement on the provision of educational services, the Rules for the provision of educational services, this Regulation, as well as the order and order of the Director of the Institute .

The Institute's Legal Clinic is established and operates to:

  • Improvement of forms and methods of teaching students of the Institute;
  • Meeting the needs of students to gain new knowledge in the field of law;
  • Developing Legal Science;
  • Improving student learning;
  • Improving students' professional knowledge;
  • Improving their business and professional skills;
  • Preparing to perform new job functions;
  • Securing and developing the link between theory of law and legal practice;
  • Practicing students with professional practical skills;
  • Training students to work closely with state authorities, municipal authorities, legal entities and individuals;
  • Socializing students, namely their involvement in real-life issues that are addressed by law enforcement and the judiciary;
  • Study and account of domestic and foreign law-making and law enforcement experience;
  • Assistance to the structural units of the Institute in resolving legal issues arising in the course of the Institute's statutory activities;
  • Provision of information, advisory, analytical and legal assistance to citizens, private entrepreneurs and organizations on a free basis on the application of legal rules and protection of their violated rights.

The IAPM Law Clinic of the Dnipro Institute is part of the IAPM Law Clinic and is accountable in its activities to the Interregional Academy of Personnel Management (Kyiv).

Solutions offered by Legal Clinic specialists (including documents developed and prepared by them) in the framework of providing information, advisory, analytical and legal assistance to citizens, sole traders, individuals, organizations at no cost, on the application of the law and the protection of their violated rights are of a highly recommended nature and under no circumstances may be considered as oral statements and written documents by the authorities authorized under the legislation of the to read and / or explain the application of the rules of law, or as acts of law enforcement agencies.

The Law Clinic is attended by senior law students who are most distinguished at the Institute, which, depending on their level of knowledge and training, and for the purpose of subordination and continuity in the transfer experience theoretical and practical experience, at the decision of the Director of the Law Clinic may be awarded the following qualification levels within the Law Clinic:

  • Law Clinic Specialist;
  • Law Clinic Senior Specialist;
  • Chief Legal Clinic Specialist.

Specialized Audience - Courtroom

There are currently three branches of the judiciary in Ukraine: constitutional, economic and judicial, each of which operates on the basis of a certain group of laws on the judiciary and the judiciary, that is, laws that establish the structure of the relevant courts and the order of administration of justice.

All courts have their own procedural forms of implementation of the human rights function. In the rule of law languages ​​in Ukraine, the role of the judiciary in protecting the rights of individuals and legal entities is of particular importance for the training of relevant highly qualified legal experts.

The timely and quality preparation of law students is one of the most important determinants of the effectiveness of the trial and, therefore, of a lawyer who makes a judgment, decision, ruling or other procedural document on behalf of the state. Undoubtedly, the formation of appropriate knowledge and skills of students is a condition and result of their becoming specialists and an important qualitative indicator in the labor market.

To ensure a high level of knowledge of law students, the Dnepro Institute of the Interregional Academy of Personnel Management created and opened a specialized audience-courtroom. The specialized audience of the courtroom is based on the requirements of the latest legislation of Ukraine, which regulates the system of courts and the process of their administration of justice in the consideration of crimes, offenses, the settlement of disputes, conflicts.

The premises of the courtroom provide for the study of the peculiarities of the procedural form, sources, principles of criminal, administrative, civil, commercial procedural law, stages of proceedings, order of infringement, trial, review of court decisions and other institutions of justice. >

Such an audience is built on the concept of IAIP DI development in improving legal education. Its use in the educational process is aimed at developing knowledge and skills that would meet the modern requirements of ensuring the judicial consideration of human rights and freedoms. The audience is used as a playground for business.

In addition to the interior design and attributes of the courtroom, a specialized audience also includes a stand with samples of procedural documents, information about the judge's profession, prosecutor, lawyer, information about the principles of justice, literature.

A specialized audience is provided with technical means that bring the educational process closer to the realities of modern justice. Through technical means, students have the opportunity to learn how to evaluate audio evidence and video evidence, to record a court hearing, and then, while reviewing the relevant record, to analyze and summarize both the mistakes made and the positive result of the perfection of the application of their knowledge, as well as independently conclusions.

The feeling of students in a specialized audience is accompanied by increased levels of responsibility, independent thinking, improved morale, development of analytical skills and significant practical experience in litigation, participation in litigation and drafting procedural documents.

Using a dedicated audience for business games is an appropriate, up-to-date and innovative method of teaching civil, criminal, administrative and business disciplines.

Similar practical classes are conducted at the IAPC Research Forensic Research Laboratory, which is designed to provide law students with practical skills in crime detection, detection of criminal activity traits, criminalistics, and science.

Ethical Code of the Law Clinic