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Constitution Day of Ukraine!

Saturday, 27 June 2020
Constitution Day of Ukraine!

Dear teachers, students and staff of the Interregional Academy of personnel management!

We sincerely congratulate you on the national holiday - Constitution Day of Ukraine!

24 years ago a significant historical event took place: the Constitution of Independent Ukraine was adopted. From then until today, June 28 is inscribed in the calendar in red letters, because it is the birthday of the Basic Law of the state.

The adoption of the Constitution is one of the steps in Ukraine's becoming an independent and democratic state. After all, it recognizes the most valuable - human life, health, honor and dignity, provides every citizen with opportunities for self-organization, freedom of speech and religion. And it is the duty of every Ukrainian to respect the Constitution and abide by its laws.

We sincerely wish you good health, creative inspiration, well-being and comfort in your families, wisdom, high achievements, success in work and new achievements.

May the democratic principles enshrined in the Constitution become the reality of our present, and may the spirit of legitimacy come to the heart of every citizen of our country.

Institute Administration