Interregional Academy of Personnel Management

Dnipro Institute
Dnipro, Nadii Aleksieienko St, 21


We would like to inform you that according to NBU Resolution No. 162 of December 28, 2018 "On Introduction of Bank Account Number (IBAN) in Ukraine", bank account numbers must comply with IBAN standards.

In this regard, the account of PJSC "Higher Education Institute of IAPM" 260080403880001 changed to UA443395000000026008040388001 according to IBAN standard. All other details remain the same.


  • ПрАТ "ВНЗ "МАУП"
    03039, м. Київ, вул. Фрометівська, 2
  • Bank: АТ «ТАСкомбанк»
  • USREOU code: 00127522
  • Account: UA443395000000026008040388001
  • Purpose of payment: за навчання, ПІБ (повністю), Код групи, Дніпровський інститут МАУП
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Tuition payment online

IAPM students were able to pay for tuition and dormitory accommodation online using their Visa and MasterCard bank cards.

Online payment is made possible by IAPM's connection to the PayTas online payment service. With PayTas, you can pay your bill in just a few minutes.

The PayTas service allows you to make payments via the Internet with Visa and MasterCard bank cards around the clock. Thanks to PayTas you can pay for goods and services (top up your mobile phone, pay for Internet, TV, utilities, landline telephone, buy tickets, etc.) online without leaving home.

The PayTas service from TASKOMBANK is certified according to the international PCI DSS standard.

Use the PayTas service You will find it on the IAPM website - by link.