Interregional Academy of Personnel Management

Dnipro Institute
Dnipro, Nadii Aleksieienko St, 21

Scientific work

Areas of scientific activity of the Dnieper Institute of the Interregional Academy of Personnel Management.

Education is the basis of intellectual, spiritual, physical and cultural development of the individual, his successful socialization, economic well-being, the key to the development of a society united by common values ​​and culture, and the state. Abilities, formation of values ​​and competencies necessary for successful self-realization, education of responsible citizens who are able to make conscious social choices and direct their activities for the benefit of other people and society, enrich the intellectual, economic, creative, cultural potential of the Ukrainian people, increase educational level citizens to ensure the sustainable development of Ukraine and its European choice.

The purpose of education is the comprehensive development of man as a person and the highest value of society, its talents, intellectual, creative and physical.

According to the provisions of the Law of Ukraine on Education, the scientific activity of the Dnieper Institute of IAPM is carried out within the framework of scientific topics approved by the Academic Council of the Institute, provided by the departments. The thematic plan of research work is the main document that determines the directions of scientific activity at the Institute.

Scientists of the Institute unite around the following main tasks:

  • consolidation of efforts of the scientific community, educators, leaders of state and public associations and organizations in developing ideas and proposals for the formation of realistic, pragmatic and effective policy of the Ukrainian state in the field of democratic development, educational activities, solving both local and global problems;
  • achievement of European and world levels of basic scientific-theoretical and applied research;
  • preparation of scientific assessments and forecasts of socio-political, socio-economic and cultural development of the state;
  • training of scientific personnel of the highest qualification;
  • promoting the further integration of domestic intellectual potential into the world scientific and technological and cultural and spiritual space.

The coordination of research work on the activities of the departments of the Institute is carried out by the management of the Institute.

Among the main tasks:

  • control over the implementation and adjustment of research plans of the departments of the Institute within its powers;
  • preparation of consolidated reports on the results of research activities of the departments of the Institute;
  • collecting information about research projects, programs, conferences, seminars, competitions and informing the departments of the Institute about them;
  • organization of general academic scientific-practical conferences and pre-editorial preparation of collections of materials;
  • ensuring the work of the editorial board of the collection "Scientific works";
  • methodological support for the activities of scientists of the Institute for the preparation of publications in domestic and international publications indexed by the scientometric system SCOPUS;
  • information and analytical support for the organization of student research.